The Optivizor - Eye Protection for Dogs


The Optivizor provides physical protection for the face as well as UV protection for the eyes. Each Optivizor is available in one of three styles - clear, tinted, and tinted with a UV mesh.

The Clear Optivizor model is suitable if you do not need the additonal UV protection, perhaps because your dog stays indoors all the time, has lost the sight from both eyes, or is a working dog in rescue or security work where shielding of the face is required for dog safety.


With the combination of the tinted visor plastic and the UV mesh you can give a maximum level of UV protection.

This is suitable for dogs with photosensitivity, and degenerative eye conditions such as pannus, also known as chronic superficial keratitis (CSK). The UV mesh is recommended for breeds susceptible to pannus including German Shepherds, Belgian Tervurens, Greyhounds, Siberian Huskies, Australian Shepherds, and Border Collies. Your dog can still see through the tinted mesh without any problem.

The Optivizor is made in a wide range of sizes and nose lengths and is adjustable to give your dog a comfortable fit.

Finding your local stockist

United Kingdom: an online shop for the Optivizor is available from

The Netherlands: an online shop for the Optivizor is available from

Germany: an online shop for the Optivizor is available from

USA / Canada / Mexico: an online shop is available from

For all other customers in countries besides those listed above please refer to Provizor to find your local stockist.

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